Friday, April 18, 2014

Waiting for the beginning

You’re like something I may never get but only see & feel
When I’m right beside you, I cease to believe life’s real
Thinking about you I forget life’s miseries & I transcend
You look more graceful than, on a starless sky, the crescent

You remind me of my happiest memories and my most beautiful dreams
You make me feel so good about myself, you make me feel free
You defy all the logic that I spend my time thinking
My eyes shine looking at you, I realize that I haven’t been blinking

Whenever I see you I observe that smile so benevolent
Those eyes ocean deep, that charming face, that demeanor, so elegant
You’re like a fleeting emotion that I’m never tired of giving another chase
It’s like the whole universe lies right there in that pretty face

Sometimes I wonder when did you leave heaven, how did they let you go?
Thinking God intended you for me, makes me believe in hope
Your presence makes me believe that there’s a God above
Why are you so far away from me, why don’t we just fall in love?

– Arnab Mukherjee 

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